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What we do

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Altum engages with energy stakeholders to:


  • Evaluate their needs

  • Identify opportunities - both technical and commercial

  • Draw out initial cost estimates from suppliers and/or from similar  projects

  • Perform a pre-feasibility analysis using bespoke tools and  software

  • Follow up with detailed technical analysis from OEM partners

  • Connect OEM partners with IPP’s, EPC’s, Contractors,  raw materials suppliers and financiers from across our  networks to close whatever gap may exist

  • In so doing, Altum works with clients to guide the key decisions,  and introduce the technology and solution providers to deliver  the project.

Energy solutions for a wide range of applications

Utility, commercial & industrial hybrid solutions

  • Base load power

  • Peak shifting

  • Microgrids

  • Municipality

Small and medium scale hybrid solutions

  • Backup power

  • Property development

  • Retail and light commercial

  • Residential

Electric vehicles and infrastructure

  • Mining

  • Passenger (car and bus)

  • Utility vehicle

  • Warehouse lifting

  • EV charging stations

  • Forecourt solutions

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