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Global best of breed renewable and hybrid energy technologies

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Altum understands the technologies required and financial outcomes sought to convert energy projects into value.

Key to progressing projects is to obtain insight into the feasibility  of different technical and commercial approaches, and that’s  where the Altum value proposition begins.

OEM Partners

Our OEM partners cover the full spectrum of renewable and hybrid energy solutions:

Sodium Sulphur stationary energy battery
Supplied by BASF Germany
Manufactured by NGK Japan

Lithium ion phosphate battery
Small, medium and large scale battery solutions

EV batteries
Manufactured and supplied by FDG Group, China

Solar panels
Sourced from tier 1 suppliers

Sourced from tier 1 suppliers authorised by battery manufacturers to ensure compatibility

Balance of plant
Sourced from tier 1 suppliers


OEM Facilitation


What Altum offers its OEM partners:


  • Market intelligence - with many years of experience in the Green Economy  in SA, Altum has an ear-to-the-ground, and can offer this insight to selected  international OEM’s

  • Business development - Altum is dedicated to offering energy solutions to  energy stakeholders in southern Africa

  • Once a need is identified, OEM partners are invited to provide technical  analysis and to quote

  • Altum represents multiple technology manufacturers and suppliers, and is

  • thus able to firstly identify the customers’ need, then secondly introduce the  technology best able to meet the need

  • Altum facilitates the relationship between the Customer and the OEM, and they negotiate price and terms

  • Altum charges a monthly retainer and earns a rebate from successful  transactions

Proprietary Energy and Financial Modelling Tool


Our proprietary energy project modelling technology makes an initial indicative feasibility assessment quick  and easy.


  • Allowing for multiple energy tariffs and tariff structure inputs plus hour by hour user  demand curve inputs

  • Allowing for multiple technology inputs along with the corresponding capex and OpEx

  • Allowing for the various losses of efficiency that occur across all the technologies as they  degrade in efficiency over time

  • Allowing multiple financial inputs

  • Technical/Financial toggles enable optimisation from multiple perspectives (e.g. coverage  vs cost)

  • Accurate yet indicative financial outputs viewed from multiple perspectives (payback period,  NPV, and IRR)

  • Altum Feasibility Software contributes to the speed at which projects might receive an initial  green light.

  • Sizing of project components such as on-site PV, wind turbines, inverters, and batteries,  based on project objectives, consumption, and available resources

  • Calculate the indicative IPP tariff over a fixed PPA period

  • Compare loan tenor options and different PPA horizons

Large scale, dependable and commercially feasible battery technology for utilities, renewable energy power plants, mining companies and other remotely positioned energy users. 


For the ultimate battery energy storage solutions in Southern African, look no further than Altum Energy. 

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